Body Pillows For Neck Pain – Reviews

A good night’s sleep ensures a good day’s work. If you have neck pain and don’t get up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, it’s time you thought about changing your pillow. The wrong pillow can only aggravate neck pain while the right body pillows for neck pain give you a good night’s sleep.

It’s because your neck isn’t properly cradled by the pillow when you sleep that the muscles tend to stiffen. You subconsciously try to support your neck while sleeping and as there’s inadequate support, around your neck you get up with even worse neck pain.

How does a body pillow help with neck pain?

Body pillows are long and narrow pillows which you can tuck into different areas of your body, especially your neck and back, for additional support. The best way to get relief from it is by placing the pillow behind the body, tucked between the shoulders. This supports the neck so that it remains in proper alignment when you sleep and also supports your back.

Another sleeping position is to hug the body pillow a bit high on your body while you sleep on the side. This way the top part of the pillow supports the neck so that it remains in the proper position while sleeping. There’s no need of using any other pillow if you use the body pillow in this position.

Other benefits of body pillows

Not only do body pillows provide relief from neck pain, it also provides relief from spinal, shoulder, hip and leg strain. It lets you enjoy your sleep better by providing support to your neck. In addition to all this, you sleep so comfortably on body pillows that it helps in the complete relaxation of muscles which in turn increases body circulation.

Tips for choosing

As there are so many types and sizes of body pillows available, you need to choose yours wisely, based mainly on personal preferences. The body pillows come in various shapes and sizes where the straight types are meant only for cuddling while the C shaped pillows can support the neck, knees and head but not the back much. On the contrary, U shaped body pillows support the neck, back, head and even back if it is long enough.

Small adults, children and elderly people should opt for a smaller or petite pillow while most adults are comfortable with a standard body pillow. There are hypoallergenic pillows which are the best body pillows for neck pain if you are prone to allergies.